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Lean Queen

Project Brief

Lean Queen, initially established as a nutrition clinic brand, seeks to expand its presence by introducing a new venture—an innovative and holistic healthy shop. This extension aims to encapsulate the essence of health, well-being, and premium quality, catering to a diverse range of health-conscious consumers in the market.

The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive brand identity and strategy for Lean Queen's new healthy shop venture. The scope encompasses the creation of a distinct brand name, a compelling brand identity, captivating packaging design, a robust digital presence, a strategic brand strategy, effective communication strategy, and a successful brand launch.


Lean Queen



Services Included

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Social Media

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Our Approach

Following an extensive market research endeavor, our strategic approach involves customizing each product to cater to distinct personas and address specific pain points within the target audiences. This strategy aims not only to enhance positioning but also to swiftly identify market gaps, facilitating rapid penetration and sales.

The Solution

Our tailored brand strategy resonates with diverse segments, positioning us as a solution to their pain points. We crafted unique brand names, designed an authentic identity, and created persuasive packaging. Our user-friendly website and app enhance the customer journey, seamlessly connecting them to our healthy products.

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